So Long UI, Damn Stagnating Town

I joined a cold crew of dudes this morning doing their part to dismantle the University Inn.
A toilet sat on the second floor landing next to a guy using a ratchet to unbolt the metal railing. Each time I made a run to the trailer I imagined being brained by the damned thing or getting flattened by some lowdown funky dude in dirty coveralls.
We hauled off a sink/stovetop appliance that exploded water on the concrete steps. The water froze almost immediately. This time I imagined falling backwards with an air conditioner in my lap.
People were milling around everywhere, pulling out air conditioners, lamps, carpet, beds, towel holders, cabinets, railings, smoke alarms, door knobs, Gideon’s Bibles, bottle openers, metal tissue holders, and anything else that could be unscrewed, unglued, ripped or pried apart.
So long UI.
Sure do miss those Cosmic Cowboys and Hummingbirds in your nasty little redneck bar. Man, those were fun times, especially when Dennis bartended and the volleyball girls would show up.
After the bulldozers are finished with their business, it appears that Warrensburg will have a nice empty field at the highly prized junction of U.S. 50 and 13 Highway. The city turned down Jerry Franklin’s request for tax breaks, putting the brakes on what could have been a significant commercial project for this stagnating town.

     Dear Lee’s Summit, we really enjoy your shopping. Can you please teach us how you do it?

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