Magic Money

The Counterfeiters Movie Poster

The bank teller pulled my money from the tube and held both (yeah, a major deposit) Jacksons up to the light. Apparently I passed the test as the Lord’s seal glowed through the holy fibers. She smiled and wished me a good day.

The Walgreens lady did the same with another 20 a few weeks ago. “You just can’t be too careful,” as the effulgence of the paper illuminated her smiling face.

It’s all too surreal. The Treasury Department prints money, but before the bills are circulated an elf blesses the money with morning dew and a song.

True story.

The other night I was moved by another true story. I watched The Counterfeiters, which won the Oscar for best foreign language film in 2007. It tells a fictionalized version of Operation Berhard, when the Nazis made imprisoned Jews counterfeit British bank notes. The idea was to destabilize the British economy by flooding its market with fake money.

It’s a fascinating story. Here is the power of money weaponized. Artists crafted the bills with precision, creating a true work of art. The Nazis then hired their own elf to sprinkle and bless the money. Fortunately the elf switched the morning dew with toilet bowl condensation and the Nazis were soundly defeated.

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