The Right Path is Lined with Good People

An interview took me to Hawaii today. It was a local number so I didn’t even have to dial the area code. The connection was flawless and we chatted like neighbors over the fence.

But her voice was not flawless. It trembled. Long exhales brought brief pauses for composure between suppressed sobs. We were separated by an ocean, yet she was so near and her pain so close.

Her father died of pancreatic cancer at 50. The family wasted no time setting up two scholarships at the university for campus staff members. It’s such a unique gift because staff members are rarely recognized in such a fashion.

What’s even more special about the gift is the family that gave it. I won’t reveal details because the story hasn’t published yet. But their lives truly revolve around giving back, volunteering and simply being decent people.

That’s the legacy of their lost father and husband. The scholarship is truly a model for the type of man he was and the values and character he instilled in his children. I spoke to each family member individually and was amazed to hear a theme repeated – if you can’t give financially, make someone’s day. Whatever it is, think of others first.

That makes me think of Peggy Means at the Tee Haus and all the artists and musicians she supported over the years. I want to go back in time and see her at the counter again and witness her uplifting spirit. Then again, I don’t have to. Fortunately for me, I found some right decent people to lift me up at the right time.

Thank you Sandy. Thank you Dee. We all must find our own way, but the right path is the one lined with good people.

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