Shred for America

When anyone, Republican presidential job-seekers in particular, barks about “restoring America’s greatness,” and their desire to “make America great again,” are they referring to the placid Bush years? Either Bush. When, exactly, were these halcyon days? Reaganomics? No, our collective memory doesn’t go back that far. Axis of Evil? Ah, now you’re talking.The thrilling age of duct tape, plastic and perpetual fear.

I’m beginning to think America is never great during an election year. Otherwise, what’s the fun in making such glittering generalities as “I promise to make America great again?”

Yes, well, I certainly don’t feel qualified to claim authority in the realm of national politics, but it’s fun to poke at the fallacies that pass for meaningful monologues for change.

Which brings me to the purpose of this column. I started this blog as a means to first, try something new and, second, to have some fun. In having fun, I also hope to inspire some useful dialogue in the community. I like to think I’m qualified to play journalist every now and then.

However, I’m afraid I’m intertwining too many of my interests in one place — movies, books, skateboarding, newspapers, local political shenanigans and comic books. Ideally, I’d like to do original reporting every day but that’s not realistic. Plus, I’m afraid it would become boring (or is it too late for that?).

So, I guess what I’m saying is The Shredfred is struggling a bit for an identity. Maybe randomness is an identity. I’m certainly having fun mixing it up. But what about you? How can we make America number one again?


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