The Scouts Arrive

There’s a picturesque ravine behind our house in “Old Town” Warrensburg. Rock formations line one side, creating small caves and overhangs.

Trees enclose the ravine, and small herds of deer roam the woods and nearby Cave Hollow Park as birds light from tree to tree. And orange water trickles over sludge and a mountain of garbage through this little valley.

There are layers and layers of tires, parts of old cars, glass, cans, shoes, fences, detergent containers, suitcases, broken toys, pull-tab cans and industrial junk. Apparently there was a shoe factory somewhere because one side of the ravine is covered in a web of material with shoe patterns stamped out along with dozens of large spools of thread.

The ravine, in all of its disgusting glory, is a little slice of heaven for our boys. It’s their favorite place to play, but it’s far from safe. So, I called the city to complain. Some junkers appeared a few days later — by coincidence I think.

The Boy Scouts appeared on Saturday — not by coincidence. The scoutmaster said the city leaned on the property owner and the property owner offered to help the scouts with their bus fund in return for some help. Young men from Troop and Pack 400 showed up with a Bobcat, trucks, trailers, boots and gloves and made a serious dent in the geologic layers of trash.

My youngest son is a member of Cub Scout Pack 400. The Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts operate separately so we had no idea the Boy Scouts were coming, but I’m hoping it made a positive impression on him to see his peers doing something well worthwhile.


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