Nose Art Parade

The 2012 Wings Over Whiteman airshow was fun, but I think the artwork on some of these remarkable aircraft was just as interesting. Some are on the nose, some on the tail and some on fire extinguisher doors.

We went to Sunday’s show, and I was pleasantly surprised by a couple of new attractions this year. There was a Predator drone parked under one of the canopies. “Pilots” based at Whiteman remotely fly the drones in Afghanistan. There was recently a protest at the gates of Whiteman where security forces rattled their batons as a group of people stood up against the drone attacks.

There was also an F-22 Raptor, the new stealthy fighter that zips along at mach 2. This fighter is under scrutiny at the moment because some pilots are experiencing a loss of oxygen while flying, possibly a result of an oxygen system malfunction. Therefore, the jets must remain close to airport facilities in case of an emergency.

Anyway, here’s some aircraft artwork from the show:

Patriotic door art on an A-10 Thunderbolt II.

This is Miss Micky. I don’t remember what plane she was on, but she looks uncomfortable.

Here’s some cool tail art from the B-25

Had to include the whole front section of this baby. Note the number of ships sunk.

This one’s kind of amusing…29 and counting.

Nya, nya. El Loko devil thumbs his nose.

Are you deserving? I know a creepy guy with Megadeath eyes that is dying to come visit.

Indeed…hot stuff.

I found this on my camera after the show. My son, Lucas, popped a sweet shot of a wing walker.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently ordered flight restrictions on the F-22 Raptor. The Air Force’s more than $420 million stealthy fighter jet must remain close to landing strips in case of emergency – specifically, if the plane’s oxygen system has problems. The pilot who flew this Raptor into Whiteman said he’s not sure what the problem is, only that it’s an oxygen problem and that he’s never experienced any trouble.

  1. #1 by rmkinder on May 31, 2012 - 1:31 pm

    Another nice article and, as usual, great photos. I’ve seen some “nose” art but had forgotten about it. Tell your son Lucas I loved the shot of a wingwalker.

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